Infinity Photo Solutions has researched a wide variety of products in the market, and listed below are some of our favorites in terms of photo safety, quality and value. Please note that by clicking on banners below, we will receive affiliate commissions (at no extra cost to you) should you choose to make a purchase. This will help us continue to provide these types of reviews and services for you!


The Legacy Box is a beautiful, archival box made of lignin-free materials to keep your printed photos safe. The box comes with movable compartments to organize your photos up to size 5×7, and a large envelope to hold oversize items on the underside of the lid. Please contact us for information about Legacy Box sizes, prices and ordering details.

(which stands for “My Life is Organized”) is software that helps you easily gather, organize and protect a lifetime of photos across all your devices, including a PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Mylio is one of my favorite photo management tools because it consolidates your entire photo collection for you, seamlessly, effortlessly, and beautifully. (Imagine all of your photos available to you on all of your devices!)  In addition, Mylio doesn’t lock you into a proprietary service; instead it builds your database of photos right into the folder structure on your Mac or PC.  Try out Mylio yourself by clicking on the logo above. And get 20% off your monthly or annual purchase by using the Mylio coupon code “infinityphotosolutions.” If you want help setting up your Mylio account and/or training on using the program, we can help!


Forever is the first and only private, permanent cloud storage site that allows you to easily share your photos with friends and family. I recommend Forever to my clients for cloud storage, and your photos easily upload straight from your phone (if you choose this feature). You can also safely and securely digitally store documents, recipes, children’s artwork or even old love letters. If you want help setting up your Forever account, we can help! Please click the logo above and look for my name, Sandra Williams, as your Ambassador during checkout so I can help you manage your account and answer any questions you have about Forever.

Forever Historian
is software that will wow you with its capability to find your photos by date, category, and/or people with the stroke of a few keys. This top-notch organizing system effortlessly backs-up your photos to an external hard drive and has powerful yet easy-to-use photo editing tools. Infinity Photo Solutions can help you set up your Historian Photo Library and provide training on Historian. PC compatible.

Backblaze will automatically backup all your files on your computer(s) including documents, photos, music and movies.  There is no limit on files or file size.  Backblaze is compatible with Macs and PCs, and you can backup all your attached external hard drives. Contact us today if you want help setting up a backup system that is right for you, and breathe easier knowing your photos and files are safe and secure!


If you are looking for someone to create a photo book for you, then contact us – we can help! If you’d like to create books on your own, then we recommend Forever’s Artisan software. It’s easy to use and yet gives you the freedom to do what you want. PC compatible.

Forever also offers beautiful digital artwork including unique kits, papers, elements and more to use with Artisan software. You will also find digital artwork previously sold by Creative Memories here.


Forever offers a variety of convenient packages that include all shipping, conversion, and transfer costs.  Simply pick your size and they will send you a box to send in your slides, videos, albums, or whatever you need digitized.  I’ve had scrapbooks digitized by Forever and have loved the results!


Not all canvases are created equal. Canvaspop has a quality product, great customer service and you can also print your Instagram and Facebook photos on canvas.

Now here is something really different…capture your memories on removable wallpaper! Choose 15-20 of your favorite photos and WeMontage will arrange a collage for you. You can customize the size and it truly is removable. Perfect for a child’s bedroom, college dorm room, basement, mud room, or any room in the house!  And shipping with WeMontage is always free!